Polynia. Canadian Arctic, 2010

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The author says this about the features of shooting in the Arctic: “As with any landscape photography, the result of shooting in the Arctic directly depends on the time that the photographer devotes to this place. For an observer like me, who wants to be completely immersed in space, the ice opens up as much as possible when everything in the frame comes together. The predominance of water, in solid or liquid form, and the low angle of incidence of sunlight create a limited color spectrum; a desert landscape requires a focus point. Visually, clouds and ice are kindred spirits: the low contrast of the heavy sky takes the bluest shade out of the ice and creates a special iridescence of the cover, unique for polar photography.”

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Edition: AP
C-print, glossy finish, dibond
Print size: 120 х 80 cm
Signed and numbered verso by the author
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