We play volley, 1965

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Lev Borodulin: «The story behind this photo is the story of a Fisheye lens that just appeared in Japan. It allowed you to get original photos and all sorts of photo effects. In 1964, I had the opportunity to attend the Olympic games in Tokyo. A Japanese photojournal decided to show the Olympics through the eyes of Soviet photographers, and the choice fell on me as well. The Japanese provided equipment — I chose the “Fish eye”. Soon I found myself on lake Seliger, where I was able to test my new lens: I gathered tourists in a circle, put the camera in the center, cocked the self-timer, and, returning to the circle, threw the ball up. The photo aroused great interest not only among the readers of “Ogoniok” magazine, but also among my fellow photojournalists, which was the subject of a special meeting. The photo was awarded a gold medal. The newspaper “Pravda” wrote about this: “The Olympic games have not yet begun, and the USSR has already won the first gold medals.”»

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