V. Vysotsky and M. Vlady, 1975

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Vladimir Vysotsky’s lines “Come out, I’ll give you a serenade, who else will give you a serenade” inspired Valery Plotnikov to shoot a series of photographs, which he later called “Serenade”. The photographer did not have a studio at that time, they were shooting in the kitchen in the former apartment of the opera tenor L. Sobinov. There was not enough space, and this is noticeable in the photo: Marina Vlady’s shoe goes beyond the shooting background. Vysotsky was in a bad mood, so author had to rock him. It should be noted that Plotnikov is able to create the atmosphere in a well-known way, to pull out of a person exactly the emotions that he needs, and in the end, his hero.

Printed later
Edition: 30
Gelatin silver print
Print size: 40 х 40 cm
Size including frame: 80 х 80 cm
Author’s signature and gallery stamp on the back
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