Journey To The Moon, 2018

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The “Flying houses” series originated in Laurent Chehere’s hometown, Paris, and reflects a poetic vision of the city. Soaring houses extracted from the slender and strict ensemble of Parisian streets are transformed into independent artistic images, each of which carries certain cultural signs as starting points for a spiritual journey. Photos are complex photo montages, the result of thoughtful and meticulous work. The author selects various elements and details, photographed many times at the same angle and at a certain hour, in order to combine them into one design.
Laurent Chehere’s work “Journey To The Moon” is dedicated to cinema: you can see the props, cameras and other technical devices of different eras used on the set by such Directors as Tarkovsky, Kurosawa, Scorsese, Bresson, Visconti and many others.

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Edition: 5+ 2 AP
Archival pigment print
Digital C-print, gallery plexi mount
Print size: 120 х 120 cm
Size including frame: 120 х 120 cm
Author’s signature and edition in the certificate
NB: Prices and editions may change

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