A. Derozhinskaya Residence, Interior Stairs. Kropotkinsky Lane, Moscow. Architect F. Schekhtel (1901-1902), 1995

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This work of the author was included in the monograph “Moscow mansions” (1997). It shows a staircase with wrought-iron elements from the Moscow mansion of A. Derozhinskaya. The building was designed in the early XX century by F. Shechtel. He sought to create an “architectural myth” in which every detail of the house had some meaning. Until now, this house is considered the pinnacle of Schechtel’s work. This building of the founder of Moscow art nouveau later had a strong influence on the future generation of architects. From 1959 to the present, the mansion houses the Australian Embassy.

Vintage (size 40×30)
Edition: 10 (for large formats)
Gelatin silver print
Print size: 40х30, 90×72, 110×90 cm
Size including frame: 60х60, 110×102, 120×120 cm
Signed verso by the author
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