Steve Schapiro. The Godfather. Family Album

23.10.2012 — 09.12.2012

Iconic photographs of Steve Schapiro, taken on the set of the legendary trilogy by Francis Ford Coppola. As the official photographer of all three episodes of the main mafia epic, Schapiro has become the author of world-famous shots, for example, when Vito Corleone holds a kitten in his arms or Coppola “conducts” in an Italian wedding scene.

Steve Schapiro says: “I was lucky to see it all live, not to mention the behind-the-scenes moments that made the shooting so much more interesting. Everyone knows that at that time no one thought that this would make a great picture, or even a decent one. The filming itself was full of humor, from the usual jokes and practical jokes to the famous showing of the butt. The Coppola family worked like the Corleone family, in true unity with each other. ”

Steve Schapiro is an American photographer whose photographs have become the hallmark of famous people of the XX. His work has been published in leading world publications such as Rolling Stone, People, Newsweek, and others.

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