Douglas Kirkland. Marilyn Monroe

17.01.2018 — 15.04.2018

In 1961, Douglas Kirkland was tasked with filming the cover of Look magazine with Marilyn Monroe in honor of the publication’s 25th anniversary. He was only 26 and had the chance to spend an intimate spontaneous evening with the most beautiful woman of the time. A stunning episode that has become iconic for both Marilyn and Douglas was the result of this meeting. This is all because Marilyn poses sensually in bed, only with a silk sheet and a camera. According to Kirkland, the two shared an intense shoot that resulted in a stunning photo series. Remembering those days, he describes this time together as if they were “in a beautiful dance,” with Monroe.

Marilyn, with her subtle instinct, helped make it easier. She simply said, “Okay, I know what we need. We need a bed with white silk sheets and nothing else and this will work. “But,” she added, the sheets should be silk. She did most of my work for me: she understood my ideas and formulated them better so that I could – bless her. “

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