Schudel Halm Anna

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Anna Halm Schudel (born 1945) is an independent photographer who lives and works in Zurich. Anna has studied at the “College of Applied Sciences and Arts” in Vevey, Switzerland, as well as at the “College of Art and Design” in Birmingham, Great Britain. For five years, she worked as an assistant to the Zurich photographer René Groebli.

From antique frescoes and baroque still life to modern photography flowers are one of the most popular motifs in the history of art.

For more than 25 years, Anna Halm Schudel has been developing a traditional plot in her works. With the help of the camera, the author reveals all the beauty and richness of the life of beautiful plants, combining decorative splendor with the main message of the vanitas genre: “Memento mori”.

Selected Exhibitions


Group exhibition, Historisches Museum Schloss, Nyon

Exhibition, Historisches Museum, Baden


Exhibition, Galerie zum Schlüssel, Horgen

Fotoforum, Innsbruck

Fotoforum, Bozen


Exhibition, Galerie von Braunbehrens, Munich

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