Lyalin Anton

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Anton Lyalin was born in Sochi. In 1991 he graduated from the Leningrad Nautical School, and in 2001 received an economic education at Moscow State University. Since 1994 he has been living and working in Moscow. Since 2006, he has been professionally engaged in photography.

Anton Lyalin is known for his unique portraits of wild animals that he takes during his travels in Africa. His work is impressive because it shows the character and personality of the animal. The author prefers to work within the framework of black-and-white photography, as, in his opinion, it allows you to better convey and emphasize the emotional content of the frame. To create this effect, the photographer moves away from the animalistic genre and follows the canons of fine-art photography, pays a lot of attention to working with the composition: choosing the angle and the surrounding landscape.


Duncan Miller Gallery, Los-Angeles, USA

A Vanishing Africa, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow

A Portrait of Africa, The State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg

A. Lyalin. A Portrait of Africa, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow

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