Lazarev Leonid

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Leonid Lazarev is a realist photographer, one of Moscow’s first street photographers, documentary photographer, portraitist and photo reporter. For more than half a century of his career the photographer has been engaged in almost all genres of photography. The photographer shot politicians and art figures, epochal social events, Moscow on weekdays and holidays, landscapes, workers, still lifes. Leonid Lazarev is the owner of many awards and prizes, his works are regularly exhibited by galleries and museums in Russia and other countries.

Leonid Lazarev’s creative heritage is invariably included in the golden fund of Soviet photography. In his portraits he endeavoured to capture the best qualities of his heroes. This required a huge emotional effort from him. ‘Even today, as 50 years ago, I experience an emotional high when I hold a camera in my hands and look at the world around me,’ the photographer said.

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