Formento + Formento

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BJ Formento (b . 1964) moved to New York in 1999, where he began taking photography lessons from renowned artists such as Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz and Arnold Newman. Richale Formento (b. 1975), a graduate of the prestigious Central St. Martins, worked as an art director in the fashion industry. In 2005, BJ and Richale met on a joint project in Miami, and three months later they got married in New York. Their union became not only personal but also professional when they started working in the photographic duo Formento + Formento. This duet has received worldwide recognition. Formento + Formento are known for their romantic, sensual photography that blurs the line between fiction and reality, clarity and ambiguity. The creation of this union is reminiscent of a film in Japanese aesthetics, the heroines of which are models from the world of high fashion, surrounded by first-class lighting and decorations. The influence of Japanese art and cinema is especially noticeable in their Japanese Diaries series. The authors look at the traditions of this country with a fresh look, they manage to catch the combination of the ancient and the modern in this culture.


Fotofever Fair, Galerie Goutal, Paris, France

Musee Des Arts Decoratif, Paris, France
Art Miami, Vallarino Fine Art, Miami, USA
Zona Maco Fair, Mexico, Mexico

Special Selection Photo, Vogue Fair, Milano, Italy
She is Cuba, Soho House, Miami, USA

Presentation of a Documentary on Formento + Formento, Museum Pompidou, Paris

Personal Exhibition, Society Club Soho, London, England
Awarded Vogue’s New Exposure with Bottega Veneta and Red Camera

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