Demarchelier Victor

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Victor Demarchelier, a noteworthy figure in the world of fashion photography, carries a name that resonates profoundly with haute couture. He was born into the distinguished Demarchelier family as the son of Patrick Demarchelier, an iconic figure in the sphere of fashion photography. Growing up amidst such a rich artistic heritage, Victor’s decision to tread the path of photography was almost imminent.

He initially started as an assistant to his father. This was a crucial period in his career, as he closely collaborated with Patrick for several years. They worked on various projects, notably for Vogue magazine, and collaborated with eminent fashion brands like Cartier.

As Victor grew as a photographer, he started to build his own unique style. His work caught the attention of leading magazines and fashion houses including Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Lancôme. What distinguishes Victor’s photography is the meticulously composed staging and impeccable lighting. He also displays a keen interest in still life photography, a genre that, interestingly, his father didn’t focus on. Victor’s images are not only contemporary in style but also carry the timeless elegance and perfection that the Demarchelier name signifies.

Today, Victor Demarchelier continues to be an influential presence in fashion photography and is based in New York.

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