Boldin Anatoly

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Anatoly Boldin was born in 1937 in Moscow. In 1956 he entered the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School, where two years later became a member of the university photo club and managed to stay at the origin of the club movement of Soviet photography. Boldin then worked as a freelance correspondent in the student newspaper «Baumanets». There, he first organised his first personal exhibition «100 photos of Anatoliy Boldin». During 1960–1963, the photographer was a member of a photo club at the Committee of Youth Organizations, and since 1964, he has been at a Moscow Novator Photo Club. It is with «Novator», of which he was chairman for more than twenty years (1970-1991), he connects his creative photographic path. Having already become known as a professional photographer, Anatoly Boldin in the best traditions of the biographies of the sixties remained an engineer at the scientific research institute. It was published in the newspapers «Moskovskaya Pravda», «Moskovsky Komsomolets», and the magazine «Soviet Photo». Works of Boldin reflect the era of the sixties. The plots of his pictures are most diverse, but they all express author’s sincere sympathy for his characters, and the spirit of the era he aimed to capture.

Whoever Anatoly Boldin would capture in his photographs- his classmates («Hard workers», «Freshman. Bauman Moscow State Technical University» (1962), «Sports competitions Football», (1972), «Long Distance» (1970) or his hometown «Old and New», (1961), «In the Tunnel» (1960) — all of his photographs would be recognisable and reflective of the time, the era of the late 50s and 60s. The photograph «Fans» (1965) was taken at the rugby competition that was fashionable in those years at the Dynamo stadium. It was raining, which did not interfere with either the players or the fans. Unnoticed, the photographer switched to shooting spectators. All the spectators sat under umbrellas, and only two covered themselves with a newspaper from the rain. The award at the photo contest «Evening Moscow» was not long in coming.

Anatoly Boldin is a member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, Honored Worker of the Creative Union «Photoart», an honorary member of the photo club «Novator». He was repeatedly awarded the medals of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements (VVC) for labour successes and achievements in photo art. Member of more than 200 club and interclub, All-Russian, All-Union and international exhibitions and competitions. He is the author of multiple books regarding member photographers of the «Novator» club.


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