From April 13 to 17, the Lumiere Gallery will take part in the annual art fair ART MOSCOW 2022. The Gallery will present a variety of genres of photography from classics of Soviet photography to bright examples of foreign fashion photography.

13.04 — 17.04.2022
Art-show ART
MOSCOW | Lumiere Gallery

The exhibition will include 32 works by four Gallery authors: Naum Granovsky, a classic of Soviet photography, Sasha Gusov, a Russian contemporary author, Anna Halm Schudel, a Swiss photographer, and Melvin Sokolsky, an American fashion photography master. All prints in the exhibition are presented in a limited edition and are certified by the signature of the photographer or the author’s heir. The main goal of the participation is consonant with the twenty-year mission of the Lumiere Gallery to continue familiarizing the public with the art of classics of Soviet photography, as well as bright representatives of the foreign photographic market.

A separate block at the Lumiere Gallery booth will be dedicated to the works of photographer Naum Granovsky, a “singer” of the architecture of Moscow of the XX century. The best works of the master, which have become classics of the genre of architectural photography, will be presented to the public. For the first time, unique color works of the 1950s and 1960s, the heyday of the author’s creativity, will be shown. Recognizable views of the capital have gained a new reading, thanks to many years of study of the photographer’s archive and modern printing technology on high-quality professional FujiFlex paper with rich color reproduction.

The work of the contemporary Russian author Sasha Gusov will be presented by an outstanding ballet series of the 1990s from the Bolshoi Theatre tour in London, as well as memorable portraits of cinema stars. The author’s sensual, catchy, often ironic works are published in the world’s largest publications (The British Journal of Photography, Royal Opera House, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Condé Nast Traveller, Vogue), and Gusov himself regularly becomes a guest photographer on the set of iconic modern films (“Sin” directed by A. Konchalovsky,”Challenge” dir. K. Shipenko).

For the first time at the Russian art show, the audience will be presented the works of the great master of fashion photography Melvin Sokolsky. Collectors will have the opportunity to see the best prints of the master with the author’s signature. Photos from the legendary “Bubbles” series of 1963 will be exhibited at the Lumiere Gallery booth — shots with spectacular models floating in transparent spheres have become the author’s calling card. The exhibition also includes bright works of the most successful period of the master’s work, shot by Sokolsky for Harper’s Bazaar magazine and influenced the evolution of the genre of fashion photography.

The colorful accent of the Lumiere Gallery booth will be a large-format still life with a bouquet of tulips by Swiss photographer Anna Halm Schudel. For more than 25 years, Schudel has been developing the traditional motif of flowers in her works. With the help of photography, the author reveals all the beauty of plant life, combining decorative splendor with the main message of the vanitas genre: “Memento mori”. The graceful beauty of the buds is captured in the last moments of their flowering and shows the viewer all the fragility and drama of the natural flow of life.

The Lumiere Gallery booth is located in the Contemporary Art section, booth number C-11.

Address: 4 Ilyinka str., Gostiny Dvor Complex, Moscow.

Entrance to the fair with tickets to the art show ART MOSCOW:

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