1703. St. Petersburg Art Fair

At the 1703 fair in St. Petersburg, the main theme of the Lumiere Gallery stand will be modern foreign photography. The exhibition will include works by photographers exclusively represented by the Lumiere Gallery in Russia – Jeremie Lenoir, Rob Woodcox, Alice Zilberberg and Paul Brouns. Continuing active cooperation with foreign authors, along with other world galleries, the Lumiere Gallery will demonstrate the works of these photographers in St. Petersburg for the first time. A separate block of the exhibition will include iconic works by classics of Soviet photography – Leonid Lazarev, Vasily Egorov, Vladimir Stepanov, Mikhail Savin, Nahum Granovsky, Viktor Sakka and Ivan Shagin.

All prints at the fair are presented in a limited edition and are certified by the signature of the photographer or the author’s heir. The main goal of the participation is consonant with the twenty-year mission of the Lumiere Gallery – to continue to acquaint the public with the art of the classics of Soviet photography, as well as outstanding representatives of the foreign fine art photography market.

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