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China: Travels Between the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers

Hardcover: 152 pages
139 colour illustrations
Publisher: Skira (August 14, 2007)
Language: English

China’s two main rivers, the Yangtze and the Yellow River, have exerted an enormous influence on the Chinese people from the times when they first populated their routes. Both have been crucial to the development and existence of great civilizations. From the mouth of the Yangtze at Shanghai to one of its tiny tributary rivulets high on the Sichuan Plateau, Barbara Lloyd’s poetic photographs offer the reader a compelling and novel insight into this fascinating country. From the estuary of the Yellow River–where the ocher waters meet the China Sea–to the border of Inner Mongolia in Ningxia Province, and from the treasures of Xian to the ruins of the Great Wall, these captivating photographs tell a story that is truly varied. Following the photographer’s footsteps, the book is divided into 5 “itineraries,” including Beijing–home of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square; Shanghai–the boom city on the banks of the Huang Ho River; the Yangtze River; Dali, Shangri-la, Sichuan, Leshan, and the Yellow River.


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