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American Sports, 1970: Or How We Spent the War in Vietnam

Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: Aperture; 1 edition (January 1, 2008)
Language: English

"In these powerful images he captured the undercurrent of negotiated violence inherent in sports while referencing a war taking place half a world away. Whether the playing field is full of clowns, drum majorettes or the players themselves, the bleachers are held in thrall. This is a hard look at we the people during a time that was a turning point in America's self-image." -- Shawn O'Sullivan --B&W: Black & White Magazine

"There is plenty of testosterone-fuelled posturing, languid boredom, pomp and parade, brief clashes of flesh and bone and blood, bad food, girls, medals, rampant sexism, farce and false bravado - in other words, the stuff of war, packaged and primped for the 'folks back home'." -- Paul Graham --Photoworks

"He describes his pictures as 'rattingly dense,' and their disorderliness can be off-putting; you don't know where to look. But Papageorge does. Without attempting to bring order to chaos, he frames it so that our ricocheting eye always finds a place to rest." -- Vince Aletti --Photograph magazine

"Providing a stark contrast to the experience of America's young soldiers nearly half a world away, these enraptured fans might also serve as an analogy. In Papageorge's eyes, even our national pastime has failed to relieve us from the discontents of war." -- Joshua Chuang --Yale Alumni Magazine

"[the book] captures the jingoism of America in the 1970s through a wide-angle lens. Crowds of spectators at sporting events form eerie evidence of a nation embroiled in war." --Joshua Chuang


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