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Arthur Elgort: Camera Crazy

Hardcover: 200 pages, 150 colour plates
Publication date: April 2004

“For the past thirty years, I’ve been taking photos of people with cameras when on location, at home, and in my studio. During this time my camera collection has grown to over one hundred, and I still use every one of them! I got my first in 1965; A Nikon F. Next was a Leica M-2 with a Summicron 35mm lens. Soon after I moved into larger formats. First came a Graflex 4 x 5 and a Rolleiflex. Then Hasselblads, Linhofs, and Mamiyas. My most recent purchase is a digital Olympus that I love to use for personal work. They are all close friends. I am truly camera crazy! I think the pictures in this book reflects that I am not the only one!”
Arthur Elgort

This book collects together Elgort’s photographs of people with cameras. They range from children to supermodels, from strangers to self-portraits, and emphasise the ubiquity of the camera in contemporary culture.


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