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Learning to See Creatively. Design, Color & Composition in Photography

160 pages
Published October 1st 2003 by Amphoto Books  (first published 1988)
24.5 cm x 30 cm

The Digital and Career sections fall really short even for the most basic of needs.
Otherwise the book is very well written and have a good use of images to demonstrates key points.
The author does suggest 4 specific exercises to help you see differently with your camera and lens and for novices these would be good opportunities to explore.
Taking more photos is really the only method to get better.
Overall I enjoyed the book. The fact that the author uses 2 or more compositions of the same locations really helps to demonstrate the key element being discussed. The photos are great and I would think that readers at any level would find some images that inspire you to try new approaches or subjects.
Best Audience – novice, maybe progressing to DSLR type camera (as better control of shutter speed and aperture is needed to achieve the author’s results, who wants to improve the success rate with WOW images or is thinking about entering photography competitions and who has not already taken any photography design courses before.
As the book’s author states “This is not a book about metering for the right exposure or setting the right f-stop and shutter speeds…. This is a book about ideas” but he does provide the lens and camera settings for each image taken.


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