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Dresden. Panoramic photographs 1990/91

Hardcover: 104 pages
Includes 46 duotone images
Publisher: Edition stemmle, Dresden (1993)
Language: English,Dutch

The Dresden photograps were taken over a period of ten months. During that time Brunner took more than 750 pictures,167 of which he had printed. Almost imperceptibly, his compositions became more varied and refined as the series progressed and he was able to  break away again from some of the habits of seeing he had developed. In addition ti symmetrical compositions, his photograps increasingly show all the elements in subtle balance - not just ibn terms of form - without their having been obviously "arranged".
Edy Brunner has created much more than a series of photograps of high artistic quality, much more than a document showing one of the most  beautiful cities in Germany at a major turning point in its history. It is his personal tribute to Dresden,his gift to the friends of the city.


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