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The Photographs as contemporary art

Paperback: 224 pages; 222 illustrations, 192 in color
Publisher: (Thames&Hudson 2004)
Language: English

From conceptual art`s use of the banal and "artless" snapshot to the carefully constructed tableaux of Jeff Wall, this book considers all the ways that today`s artists engage with photography to make art.
Some artists, such as a record of a real perfomance of everyday action, while others such as Yinka Shonibare and Gregory Crewdson stage invented scenes and narratives to tell fictional stories. Andreas Gursky, Thomas Demand and Rineke Dijkstra present a cool, seemingly objective view of the external world, while Richard Billingham, Nan Goldin, and Wofgang Tillmans offer up intimate details of their private lives. In the lands of Luc Delahaye and Allan Sekula, photography is a means of creating documentary, while for Cindy Cherman and Gillian Wearing, the photograph becomes a repository  of personal, social  and cultural values in an image-saturated world.


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