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Surrealistic Photography Prodigy Erik Johansson On View in Russia

A Swedish photographer and visual artist, Erik Johansson has created a surreal world by recombining disparate photo features into mind-bending images. With the help of his camera and imagination, he aims to capture ideas rather than moments, making the composition look as realistic as possible despite the impossible elements.

The work of this young artist, which has elicited reactions of wonder throughout the globe, will be presented to the Russian public for the first time in a solo exhibition at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. Titled On the Other Side of Reality. Erik Johansson, the show will bring together his both earlier and recent works which expand the boundaries of humans perception.

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Центр фотографии открыт с 22 января. с 12.00 до 21.00 каждый день, кроме понедельника

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